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The Benefits of Conference Calling For Attorneys and Law Firms

By Tom Parker

In the busy world in which you work, you simply need to have every tool that can benefit you. That includes conference calling. Why is it so important? For one thing, it allows you so much more time to do the things you need to do. And, it allows you to work with your clients no matter where they are, no matter where you partners are. There are few products that work as well as conference calling for attorneys. Here, we will list some of those reasons. We’ll talk about just why you need to use conference calling in your law firm, and what you have been missing without using it.

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First of all, let’s make sure you know just what the conference call system is. This system allows you, the lawyer, to converse with several people around the world. It puts you in the position to multitask and to record conversations with clients. These things are quite important in the attorney’s world. Here are some of the benefits to purchasing and using a conference calling system:

Think about time. How much time do you waste calling one person only to have to call and tell three other people what that first person said? While the message may be as simple as, “the client is ready to go,” it will take you several minutes worth of greetings, more time conversing about the weather…by the time you get to the actual point of the call, you’ve wasted valuable time. In a conference calling atmosphere, everything is done right there. You can plug into it as many people as you would like to, depending on the amount of pre scheduled spaces. Everything gets done, right there, without any additional calls needing to be made.

Time is money. Another reason to use conference calling in your law firm is that it will save you money! First, we can say that it saves you time which can then be turned into profits. By freeing up more time, you are able to get to more clients faster. You simply get more work done. And, it saves you on long distance as well. Since these phone calls can be recorded, it saves you valuable money by eliminating the need for someone to take dictation.

Use it to help you obtain deposition. Can you think of an easier way to get the information that you need without having to arrange to fly people in, to deal with their schedules, and to find time within your schedule? Really, this is the ideal situation!

You can assign account codes to the actual conference calls for billing purposes. This means that you can easily track the amount of time spent with each client, and bill them accordingly.

Simply put, conference calling can be the most affordable way to have many people on the same phone call. The method is simple, the costs are minimal. Any law firm without conference calling is simply not taking full advantage of the products available to them.

Consider conference calling in your law firm and reap the benefits!

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